Sortez du harcèlement et gagnez confiance en vous en 1 SEMAINE


Get out of harassement and gain self-confidence in 1 WEEK

The method to get out of harassment and gain self-confidence in 1 WEEK

Today, you may be in this situation (or you may know someone who is, so you can share the link to this page with them):

  • Are you afraid of other people’s eyes? Of their judgment?
  • Do you feel out of place?
  • Do you often lack confidence?
  • Do you stress when it’s your turn to talk?
  • Do you often feel lonely?
  • Are you often mocked or criticized and don’t know how to react?
  • Do you arrive at your workplace or learning centre with a ball in your stomach?

And yet…

…you’ve already tried to make things better, but it didn’t work!

Worse things may have even gotten worse.

And you think that your situation is inevitable, because even if you change your company or school, the same problems come back….

I've been through it myself...

I was harassed for almost 4 years morally and physically every day. It started in the morning, in the bus shelter, until the return journey in the evening.

I was the kind of guy who took refuge in the library, skipping meals to avoid being seen in the canteen.

The kind of guy who would get sick on purpose to avoid going to class and give me a break.

The kind of guy who almost got beaten up every day, insulted every day, but kept silent with his relatives, his parents.

The kind of guy who would have preferred to remain invisible.

The kind of guy who thought he was completely horrible/unsightly and was reminded of it directly.

The kind of guy who was afraid to speak up to avoid getting remarks.

The kind of guy who said to himself every day, « What’s going to happen to me now? »

The kind of guy who was lonely.

The kind of whiny guy who would shed a tear over nothing.

The kind of guy who’d say to himself, « Fuck my life.

The kind of guy who’d get harassed…

And one day I got tired of it.

I was faced with two possibilities:

1-I kept going like this with the risk of reaching the breaking point quickly…

2-I was taking care of myself.

I’ll let you guess which one I chose.

Now I’ve become a coach & mental coach. I help people to be more productive and efficient in what they do. I even give advice on how to improve your communication with yourself and others here

This idea of method has been with me for years, even since my period of harassment, to tell the truth. I told myself that one day I would help people to stop falling into this trap, to ensure that those who are harassed no longer suffer and that harassers are no longer like that. And that includes education. This is the mission I have given myself through my company.

The objective through this method is to help as many people as possible who are victims of moral harassment, whether in schools or in companies. I also asked myself this question: what if we got rid of moral harassment in France, and why not in the rest of the world? This is one of the reasons why I decided to translate the method into English. My goal: to create a movement of mutual aid.

In this method you will discover:

  • The truth about harassment
  • 3 techniques that will allow you to transform your attitude and make you more comfortable in your social interactions
  • The best mindset to adopt
  • The different ways to respond to « floodgates » and « insults
  • How to gain self-confidence,
  • How to free yourself from your blockages
  • The thing that made the difference for me…

Why a week?

This method refers to my personal experience. Indeed, it took me a week to change my reputation and keep my stalkers away. By the way, this is not just another novel about a guy who got stalked… And if that’s what you’re looking for then the best you can do is stop reading now. I won’t always tell you what you want to hear, and pet you to the core. You’re going to have to unlearn a lot of things, because what I share with you is part of my experience and what I’ve observed in others. It is not recycled theory, seen and reviewed, pompous of more than 300 pages. The goal is to save you time, not to waste it.

This method you can download it immediately, and read it wherever you want at your own pace.

You can access it immediately for the modest sum of…

No, I’m kidding. It’s FREE.

On top of that, I will make discounts on my coaching sessions for the launch of the method for those who choose to click on « ACCESS THE METHOD AND RECEIVE PRIVATE EMAILS » and join the list of my subscribers. And if you already know that you want to go further, or to simply contact me you can do so at the following address:

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